Lorenzo is here!


I can’t. I simply cannot even deal with my newest little boyfriend who is named Lorenzo and who I love.  This sweet boy just made his way into a family that means the world to me. To say he is lucky is an understatement…but they are pretty lucky, too. He is delicious and I wish he was here right now so I could cuddle with him (and then give him back when it is time to open the wine and make dinner).

Mel and Paul..so happy for you guys. He is perfection.


Sweet Lilah turns one!


Hello there!

I figured I would give some love to my poor neglected blog in the form of one of an adorable, kinda bad ass, big blue eyed one year old baby girl named Lilah.  She’s the product of my Meghan and Robbie and they really couldn’t have done a better job at making a person.  Lilah is awesome.  So full of life and as funny as she is beautiful.

2018-02-05_00022018-02-05_00032018-02-05_00042018-02-05_00052018-02-05_00062018-02-05_00072018-02-05_00082018-02-05_00092018-02-05_00102018-02-05_00112018-02-05_00122018-02-05_00132018-02-05_00142018-02-05_00152018-02-05_00162018-02-05_00172018-02-05_00182018-02-05_00222018-02-05_00232018-02-05_0024Happy birthday sweet girl!

xo, Rachel

Andrea & Paul: Peirce Farm at Witch Hill



It’s been a minute. I know. Such is January.

Today I’m posting one of mine and this is why there are approximately 3 million pics and I make zero apologies for it. Andrea is the little sister of one of my best friends in the world, Daniella.  I will never forget the first time I went to Daniella’s house our Freshman year at college and hearing her little sister screaming at the top of her lungs down the hallway (I’m pretty sure this was just her regular speaking voice) and being so shocked that people communicated like this INSIDE a house because I grew up in a tiny, quiet house where we all read books and never raised our voices.  Andrea has a personality that is larger than life and I’ve always been a little bit obsessed with her. Now I am a full blown groupie and I can’t even handle her. There is no one like this chick in the whole wide world.  She will tell you where exactly to go and how exactly to get there and because she’s Andrea you will go there directly as you are told.  Her laugh is as big as her personality and she just is like no other.  This girl twirled her way through her wedding, literally, and I am certain, of all the weddings I have shot, no other bride had more fun.  I got to spend the day with some of the people who mean the most to me in there world and got to see that really loud 13 year old girl stand in front of her friends and family and marry the guy she loves most in the world. It was the best.


I have to shout out to Andrea’s amazing vendors because this wedding got pulled together in like a minute and a half and everyone she had was OUTSTANDING.

My girl crush Deanna who is a magical makeup magician did makeup. This girls slays. Every. Single. Time.

My boy crush DJ Mike Pardi killed it the whole night. Like he ALWAYS does.

Rachel O’Neil crushed it with flowers and the interior decor, which was BEYOND PERFECTION was flawlessly executed by Antea Amoroso Design.



2018-01-12_00022018-01-12_00032018-01-12_00042018-01-12_00052018-01-12_01372018-01-12_00062018-01-12_00072018-01-12_00082018-01-12_00092018-01-12_00102018-01-12_00112018-01-12_00122018-01-12_00132018-01-12_00142018-01-12_00152018-01-12_01382018-01-12_00162018-01-12_00172018-01-12_00182018-01-12_00192018-01-12_00202018-01-12_00212018-01-12_01412018-01-12_01432018-01-12_00222018-01-12_00232018-01-12_00242018-01-12_00252018-01-12_01402018-01-12_01422018-01-12_00262018-01-12_00272018-01-12_00282018-01-12_00292018-01-12_00302018-01-12_00312018-01-12_00322018-01-12_00332018-01-12_00382018-01-12_00342018-01-12_00352018-01-12_00362018-01-12_00372018-01-12_00392018-01-12_00402018-01-12_00412018-01-12_00422018-01-12_00432018-01-12_00442018-01-12_00452018-01-12_00462018-01-12_00472018-01-12_00482018-01-12_00492018-01-12_00502018-01-12_00512018-01-12_00522018-01-12_00532018-01-12_00542018-01-12_00552018-01-12_00562018-01-12_00572018-01-12_01502018-01-12_01492018-01-12_01472018-01-12_01462018-01-12_01482018-01-12_01452018-01-12_00592018-01-12_00602018-01-12_00612018-01-12_00622018-01-12_00632018-01-12_00642018-01-12_00652018-01-12_00662018-01-12_00672018-01-12_00682018-01-12_00692018-01-12_00702018-01-12_00712018-01-12_00722018-01-12_00732018-01-12_00742018-01-12_00752018-01-12_00762018-01-12_00772018-01-12_00782018-01-12_00792018-01-12_00802018-01-12_00812018-01-12_00822018-01-12_00832018-01-12_00842018-01-12_00852018-01-12_00862018-01-12_00872018-01-12_00882018-01-12_00892018-01-12_00902018-01-12_00912018-01-12_00922018-01-12_00932018-01-12_00942018-01-12_00952018-01-12_00962018-01-12_00972018-01-12_00982018-01-12_00992018-01-12_01002018-01-12_01012018-01-12_01022018-01-12_01032018-01-12_01042018-01-12_01052018-01-12_01062018-01-12_01072018-01-12_01082018-01-12_01092018-01-12_01102018-01-12_01112018-01-12_01122018-01-12_01132018-01-12_01142018-01-12_01152018-01-12_01162018-01-12_01172018-01-12_01182018-01-12_01192018-01-12_01202018-01-12_01212018-01-12_01222018-01-12_01232018-01-12_01242018-01-12_01252018-01-12_01262018-01-12_01272018-01-12_01282018-01-12_01292018-01-12_01302018-01-12_01312018-01-12_01322018-01-12_01332018-01-12_01342018-01-12_01352018-01-12_0136I absolutely adore you guys. I am so happy that I was with you that day. Andrea, you are stunning and still pretty loud and I love you to pieces.

xo, Rachel

Alyson & Dan: Latitude 41 Wedding


Merryyyyy Christmasssss! Did you guys know that it is going to be Christmas Day in like 15 minutes? Are you aware that all of the things need to be done, therefore, in the next 14 minutes? Did you know that I am about as close to having all the things done as I am to winning the Iditarod and the Miss Universe Pageant simultaneously?  I’m telling you right now, it is going to be gift bag city over here because this hot Christmas mess is not about to wrap a single thing.   All my 16 year old really wants for Christmas is a wad full of cash anyway so maybe I will just cut him a check and put it in some Rachel Kate stationary and call it a day.  I’m pretty sure I am just going to leave them each a bag full of Dunks and an iced coffee where the stockings are supposed to be hung with care. They would like that I think.

Anywayyyyyyy…here I am on my poor neglected blog (homegirl has some makeup blogging to do in the New Year) and I am ready to show you my girl Alyson and her guy Dan who got married last month down in Mystic, CT.  I ADORE Alyson. She is just the best. So real, down to Earth, funny, kind, and beautiful inside and out.  She’s best friends with one of my all time faves, Claire so it makes sense that I love her like I do.  She and Dan just make me laugh and make each other laugh.  I remember my cheeks hurting after the engagement session and the wedding was no different. Matt and I had so much fun with them exploring this awesome area and their wedding was the perfect way to cap of my 2017 season.


So very, very glad that you guys came into my life. You are perfect for each other and I wish you all of the happiness in the world.

xo, Rachel


Michelle & Ryan: Mechanics Hall Wedding






Rando snowy Saturday afternoon blog post coming at you.  Even though all I want to do is sit in front of my fire with a glass of pino and my ipad looking at things that my kids do not need but I feel compelled to buy them I could not do that today until I got this wedding up.  I promised my sweet, smiling, laugh out loud girl Michelle I would have her up today and using my dog as a blanket while I do some buzzed Christmas shopping will have to wait.

Ohhhh….Michelle and Ryan. How do I love thee? These two are just awesome. Plain and simple.  I spent all of the hours editing them with a big smile on my face because Michelle is so flipping adorable and happy in everyone of her pics and I can’t even stand her.  It was just such a great wedding. The venue was amazing, the weather was perfect, their family and friends were the best. It was just one of those weddings I will keep with me forever. I am lucky to have shared that day with them. Had my boy Matt Wood with me that day.

2017-12-09_00012017-12-09_00022017-12-09_00032017-12-09_00042017-12-09_00052017-12-09_00062017-12-09_00072017-12-09_00082017-12-09_00092017-12-09_00102017-12-09_00112017-12-09_00122017-12-09_00132017-12-09_00142017-12-09_00152017-12-09_00162017-12-09_00172017-12-09_00182017-12-09_00192017-12-09_00202017-12-09_00212017-12-09_00222017-12-09_00232017-12-09_00242017-12-09_00252017-12-09_00262017-12-09_00272017-12-09_00292017-12-09_00302017-12-09_00312017-12-09_00322017-12-09_00332017-12-09_00342017-12-09_00352017-12-09_00362017-12-09_00372017-12-09_00382017-12-09_00392017-12-09_00402017-12-09_00412017-12-09_00422017-12-09_00432017-12-09_00442017-12-09_00452017-12-09_00462017-12-09_00472017-12-09_00482017-12-09_00492017-12-09_00502017-12-09_00512017-12-09_00522017-12-09_00532017-12-09_00542017-12-09_00552017-12-09_00562017-12-09_00572017-12-09_00582017-12-09_00592017-12-09_00602017-12-09_00612017-12-09_00622017-12-09_00632017-12-09_00642017-12-09_00652017-12-09_00662017-12-09_00672017-12-09_00682017-12-09_00692017-12-09_00702017-12-09_00712017-12-09_00722017-12-09_00732017-12-09_00742017-12-09_00752017-12-09_00762017-12-09_00772017-12-09_00782017-12-09_00792017-12-09_00802017-12-09_00812017-12-09_00822017-12-09_00832017-12-09_00842017-12-09_00852017-12-09_00862017-12-09_00872017-12-09_00882017-12-09_00892017-12-09_00902017-12-09_00912017-12-09_00922017-12-09_00932017-12-09_00942017-12-09_00952017-12-09_00962017-12-09_00972017-12-09_00982017-12-09_00992017-12-09_01002017-12-09_01012017-12-09_01022017-12-09_01032017-12-09_01042017-12-09_01052017-12-09_01062017-12-09_01072017-12-09_0108I completely, totally and utterly adore you two. I wish you a lifetime together that is as wonderful as you both.

xo, Rachel