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Jelena & Genevieve!



Now that I am riiiiighttttt near the editing finish line I should probably stop the state of denial that I am in surrounding the whole topic of Christmas.  I kind of decided to boycott the madness and instead book a trip to Mexico for my family. My little wantfornothngs need NOTHING so I figured I would present them with the opportunity to watch me sit on my ass drinking margaritas in the Mexican sunshine for 6 days instead of buying them a ton of stuff that I would have to ultimately wrap and they would ultimately forget they got 30 seconds after they opened it. Brilliant, no? It is brilliant.  I’ll still give them the obligatory sweatpants/sweatshirts (another self serving gift because I cannot stand to look at them in the same slightly undersized attire for one more second) but I am not going out of my mind buying stuff on Amazon at 10:52pm when I am bleary eyed from a day of editing and guilt ridden about the prospect of them not “having enough to open” on Christmas morning. No. NOT DOING IT THIS YEAR. I feel strong and resolute n my decision and have a certain level of self pride associated with my brilliant vacation booking move.  Until early next week when I crack and buy bikes and sneakers and a other complete non essentials for the children because I will be worried they won’t have enough to open on Christmas morning.

Want to meet some of my new friends? Little Jelena and Genevieve came to visit me a few weeks ago at the studio.  Jelena is a brilliant 2 year old girl. These two year old girls this season…I should round up every one that I shot this year and they could for a 2 year old girl gang and they could run the world. Move over, Trump.  Every single one of them is destined to be a CEO of some major corporation. I’m certain.  Sweet little Genevieve is a cuddle bug who prefers to be snuggled somewhere directly on her mom Kristy than anywhere else.  I love when I get new clients and it was such a pleasure meeting this loving family…even if a bottle of wine at 11am sounded like a completely acceptable option by the time we were done;) They are doing it and doing it well with their two beautiful little girls.

2016-12-13_0002 2016-12-13_0003 2016-12-13_0004 2016-12-13_0005 2016-12-13_0006 2016-12-13_0007 2016-12-13_0008 2016-12-13_0009 2016-12-13_0010 2016-12-13_0011 2016-12-13_0012Those eyes and that hair kill me. 2016-12-13_0013 2016-12-13_0014 2016-12-13_0015We mayyyy have done a little bribing at some points throughout the shoot. Jelena really didn’t care about the candy, but when we gave her a magazine to look at it worked like a charm. 2016-12-13_0016 2016-12-13_0017 2016-12-13_0018 2016-12-13_0019 2016-12-13_0020 2016-12-13_0021 2016-12-13_0022Thank you guys!! SOO nice to meet you!

xo, Rachel

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