Janelle’s family



This is officially the last session that I have to share with you in my what felt like never ending queue of sessions that I have been working my way through since September. SUCH a good feeling. Completely like when you passed in a paper or walked out of your classroom after finals. Three more weddings to edit and one left to shoot and then this chick goes on hiatus for awhile. Thrilling.

Saving some of the best for last. This is my girl Janelle…one of the little bright spots of my life.  You have seen her here before and you all know how I feel about her.  She is my former bride turned friend turned colleague.  I love that she has always been in my corner and I’ll always be in hers. I also love that she had the idea to shoot in Harvard Square and that her styling is beyond. This session makes me wish that I had done pictures like this when my boys were little. Although let’s be honest, none of us was this good looking and the absolute best I could do for an outfit back then was yoga pants and a dirty sweatshirt.

Go ahead. TRY and handle baby Nico and his tongue that he figured out how to stick out that day. Just TRY.

2016-12-15_00022016-12-15_00072016-12-15_0003Like..must be nice to be able to put that dress and look amazing. I would look like a pioneer woman wearing a table cloth.2016-12-15_00042016-12-15_00052016-12-15_00062016-12-15_00082016-12-15_00092016-12-15_00102016-12-15_00112016-12-15_00122016-12-15_00132016-12-15_00142016-12-15_00152016-12-15_0016Wittle Weo has a mean monkey impression.2016-12-15_00172016-12-15_00182016-12-15_00192016-12-15_00202016-12-15_00212016-12-15_00222016-12-15_00232016-12-15_00242016-12-15_00252016-12-15_0026I die.2016-12-15_00272016-12-15_00282016-12-15_00292016-12-15_00302016-12-15_0031My beautiful friend.2016-12-15_00322016-12-15_00332016-12-15_00342016-12-15_00352016-12-15_00362016-12-15_00372016-12-15_0038Love you guys to the moon:)

xo, Rachel