Fasha & Michael: Aldrich Mansion Wedding




Like. Stop what you are doing. Go grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine depending on the time).  And then come back to your computer and settle in because what I have to show you today is beyond.

Fasha and Mike.

I feel like I am going to struggle to come up with the perfect words to explain to you just how much I love these two and their wedding. They are easily two of the most beautiful people that I have ever seen up close and in real life but what I want you to take away from this blog post is not just their astounding physical beauty…I want you to know that these two people are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the out.  They are both so warm and kind.  It doesn’t actually seem fair that two people can be so perfect but they actually really are.  Fasha is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. Period. She is genuine and loving and I really feel like I hit the wedding client lottery the day that she emailed me about photography last year.  Her thank you notes are sitting on my desk and I will keep them forever. There is just a kindness in her heart and she freely expresses it.  There really are not many people like her and I am so very grateful that I have gotten the chance not only to know her but to be there with her on her wedding day.

I love my clients and I love what I do. But there are some people and some weddings that just make their way into my heart and this is one of those.  I will never forget it and it will always be one of my absolute favorite days of my career.  Personally, I love this wedding because I shot it on my own.  It forced me to push harder and I love that. Especially at the end of a busy season..to had to put every single thing I had into it and the end result makes me proud.

Every little thing was magic and that is exactly what Fasha and Mike deserved that day.  No one could have deserved it more. Love you guys.

I cannot go further without giving it up to my girl Deanna (@deannaelysemua).  She is a true artist and her makeup skills are just beyond.  Huge girl crush.

2016-12-19_00012016-12-19_00022016-12-19_00032016-12-19_0004I cannot CANNOT deal with her. When I die I would like to come back to life as Fasha.2016-12-19_00052016-12-19_00062016-12-19_0007This kid.2016-12-19_00082016-12-19_0009These are my absolute favorite getting ready pics ever.2016-12-19_00102016-12-19_00112016-12-19_00122016-12-19_00132016-12-19_00142016-12-19_00152016-12-19_00162016-12-19_0017SLAYING Hollywood glam..lol…2016-12-19_00452016-12-19_00182016-12-19_00192016-12-19_00202016-12-19_00212016-12-19_0022
2016-12-19_0046OBSESSED with these first look pics. Sigh. I wish that I could shoot at this venue every time.2016-12-19_00232016-12-19_00242016-12-19_00252016-12-19_00262016-12-19_00272016-12-19_00282016-12-19_00292016-12-19_00302016-12-19_00312016-12-19_00322016-12-19_00332016-12-19_00342016-12-19_00352016-12-19_00362016-12-19_00372016-12-19_00382016-12-19_00392016-12-19_00402016-12-19_00412016-12-19_00422016-12-19_00432016-12-19_00442016-12-19_00472016-12-19_00482016-12-19_00492016-12-19_00502016-12-19_00512016-12-19_00522016-12-19_00532016-12-19_00542016-12-19_00552016-12-19_00562016-12-19_00572016-12-19_00582016-12-19_00592016-12-19_00602016-12-19_00612016-12-19_00622016-12-19_00632016-12-19_00642016-12-19_00652016-12-19_00662016-12-19_00672016-12-19_00682016-12-19_00692016-12-19_00702016-12-19_00712016-12-19_00722016-12-19_00732016-12-19_00742016-12-19_00752016-12-19_00822016-12-19_00772016-12-19_00782016-12-19_00792016-12-19_00802016-12-19_00812016-12-19_00832016-12-19_00842016-12-19_00862016-12-19_00872016-12-19_00882016-12-19_00892016-12-19_00902016-12-19_00912016-12-19_00922016-12-19_00932016-12-19_00952016-12-19_00962016-12-19_00942016-12-19_00972016-12-19_00982016-12-19_00992016-12-19_01002016-12-19_01012016-12-19_01022016-12-19_01032016-12-19_01042016-12-19_01052016-12-19_01062016-12-19_01072016-12-19_01082016-12-19_01092016-12-19_0110There is my Christina and Matt in the top left. LOVE them and you will get to see their wedding that I shot a few weeks ago here soon.2016-12-19_01112016-12-19_01122016-12-19_01132016-12-19_01142016-12-19_01152016-12-19_01162016-12-19_01172016-12-19_01182016-12-19_01192016-12-19_01202016-12-19_0121On the bottom right is my Meg and Malachai! I get to shoot their wedding next year!2016-12-19_01222016-12-19_01232016-12-19_01242016-12-19_01252016-12-19_01262016-12-19_0127Worship you two. THANK you for being perfect in every way.

xo, Rachel