Melanie & Chris: The Commons 1854



It’s crazy that Christmas is over. It was lovely.  The stomach bug which has still yet to release it’s death grip on my family was not.  Dear Lord…no one was safe from that thing. Apologies to all of the family members I hosted on Sunday.

Ohhhh… sweet, sweet Melanie and Chris.  Bless their amazingly patient little hearts.  They got married back in November and true to their super sweet selves have not even once sent a stalker type email asking where the hell their wedding pictures are even though they would have been well within their rights to do so about 3 weeks ago.  Love these two.  They are truly so perfectly matched.  They are just some of the most genuinely GOOD people that I have had the pleasure of meeting and shooting.  Their wedding day was beautiful.  Melanie and Chris are a reflection of the people that they surround themselves with…everyone I met that day was kind and warm and it just made this day so special.

2016-12-28_00022016-12-28_00032016-12-28_0006I would like to have that red headed baby please.2016-12-28_0007My boy Matt Wood was with me that day.2016-12-28_00042016-12-28_00052016-12-28_00012016-12-28_00192016-12-28_00202016-12-28_0021Melanie was so calm and collected the entire day. There was never a time of stress during that day.2016-12-28_00082016-12-28_00092016-12-28_0010Beautiful.  2016-12-28_00112016-12-28_00122016-12-28_0013Look at my bride!! You are so beautiful, Mel.2016-12-28_00142016-12-28_00152016-12-28_00162016-12-28_00172016-12-28_00182016-12-28_00222016-12-28_00232016-12-28_00242016-12-28_00262016-12-28_00272016-12-28_00282016-12-28_00292016-12-28_00302016-12-28_00312016-12-28_00322016-12-28_00332016-12-28_00342016-12-28_00352016-12-28_00362016-12-28_00372016-12-28_0038Couldn’t even be any cuter if she tried.2016-12-28_00392016-12-28_00402016-12-28_00412016-12-28_00422016-12-28_00432016-12-28_00442016-12-28_00452016-12-28_00462016-12-28_00472016-12-28_00482016-12-28_00492016-12-28_00502016-12-28_00512016-12-28_00522016-12-28_00532016-12-28_00542016-12-28_00552016-12-28_00562016-12-28_00572016-12-28_00582016-12-28_00592016-12-28_00602016-12-28_00612016-12-28_00622016-12-28_00632016-12-28_00642016-12-28_00652016-12-28_00702016-12-28_00662016-12-28_00672016-12-28_00682016-12-28_00692016-12-28_00712016-12-28_00722016-12-28_00742016-12-28_00752016-12-28_00762016-12-28_00772016-12-28_00782016-12-28_00792016-12-28_00802016-12-28_00812016-12-28_00822016-12-28_00832016-12-28_00842016-12-28_00852016-12-28_00862016-12-28_00872016-12-28_0088You guys are the best. I can’t thank you enough for inviting me to be a part of this day AND your patience:)

xo, Rachel