Lisa & Shane: Boston engagement



This little blog of mine has definitely slowed down over the past few weeks. The holiday madness is over and now I am down to my last couple of weddings/shoots that I get to share with you for awhile.  It’s always so crazy to me how my life goes from full blown 5th gear craziness for the months of Sept-December and then comes to a screeching, tire squealing, rubber track leaving , smoking halt once January comes.  In about a month I will be wandering my house, unshowered, looking for a purpose in life and waiting until it is time to make dinner so I feel like I contributed to the world. It’s the same every year. I welcome these first couple of weeks of January though when I feel like I can get a handle on my life and my business and not feel like I am hanging on by a rapidly fraying rope (like I feel like in mid November, for example).  I like looking forward to all of the awesome couples that I have coming up in 2017. It’s definitely going to be a good year:)

My last engagement session of 2016 was with my Lisa and Shane.  Ummm…I’m not entirely sure that there is a sweeter, more enthusiastic, more bubbly girl in the world than my Lisa.  We “met” over the phone and even just in a phone conversation her enthusiasm for life just radiates all around her.  There is no way not to be instantly drawn to her and I thank whatever little photography Gods there are that pointed her in the direction to my website.  Lisa and Shane took a bus in from Brooklyn on the day of our shoot. Got on a bus 6am, traveled all the way here and then hopped into my car to immediately begin shooting.  I personally, would have curled up and died at the prospect of getting in front of a camera after a 5 hour bus ride but Lisa swiped on some lipstick, put on a pair of heels, looked beautiful and laughed her way through it with the most positive attitude of anyone I have ever met.  Shane was an awesome sport and it is clear why these two people are heading into forever together. They are perfect for each other.

2017-01-06_0002Look how beautiful she is.2017-01-06_00032017-01-06_00042017-01-06_00052017-01-06_00062017-01-06_00072017-01-06_00082017-01-06_00092017-01-06_00102017-01-06_00112017-01-06_00122017-01-06_00132017-01-06_00142017-01-06_0015The squirrels that day were like crazy, maniacal robot squirrels that had no fear and tried eating us whole. I swear to God. It was frightening. 2017-01-06_00162017-01-06_00172017-01-06_00182017-01-06_00192017-01-06_00202017-01-06_00212017-01-06_00222017-01-06_00232017-01-06_0024The little girl in the window KILLS me.2017-01-06_00252017-01-06_00262017-01-06_00272017-01-06_00282017-01-06_00292017-01-06_00302017-01-06_00312017-01-06_00322017-01-06_00332017-01-06_00342017-01-06_00352017-01-06_0036You guys are the best. I’m so glad you are mine and I can’t wait until July to see you again!