Christina & Matt: Hawthorne Hotel Wedding



Ohhhhhhhh…my Christina and Matt! I am almost to the end of sharing my 2016 weddings with you guys and I love that I am close to closing our this spectacular season with these two pretty awesome people.  My couples all brought it this year. I attended some of the best weddings I’ve ever been to, shot some of my best work and I worked with some people who made their way into my heart and will stay there forever.  I’m the luckiest girl that year after year people trust me to capture their wedding days and this year was one of my favorites. I met some new videographers and wedding planners who made my job infinitely better than it would have been if they were not there. I got to work another year with my shooter and friend Matt Wood by my side and for him I will be forever grateful.It’s a pretty good gig that I have and I don’t take it for granted.

I am SO grateful that Christina and Matt found their way into my life.  I got to experience and new city because of them and I got to be with them when they said “I do.”  They are more special to me than they know. There is a part of me that is genuinely sad that the wedding is over because it means that our correspondence will slow down. It won’t end..I won’t let it, but I can definitely say that I am feeling a little of the post wedding depression when it comes to these two.

They had their Gatsby themed wedding at the Hawthorne Hotel in early December.  Christina had a vision for her day and she completely nailed it.  This girl looked like she was plucked straight out of the Fitzgerald novel and placed directly in front of my camera for my shooting pleasure.

2017-01-10_00012017-01-10_00022017-01-10_00032017-01-10_00042017-01-10_00052017-01-10_00062017-01-10_00072017-01-10_00082017-01-10_00092017-01-10_00102017-01-10_0011Christina lights up a room and has a heart of complete gold. And she can rock hair jewelry like no other.2017-01-10_00122017-01-10_00132017-01-10_0014Like…could you be any more beautiful, lady? No? I didn’t think so.2017-01-10_00152017-01-10_00162017-01-10_0017Handsome Matt. Always on point.2017-01-10_0018C’monnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. 2017-01-10_0019Christina’s little apple does not fall far from her parents tree. Two of the most lovely people I have met through a wedding.2017-01-10_0020Downside of a December wedding= it’s freaking COLD. Upside of a December wedding=all of the pretty lights that we can shoot with which makes being on the verge of frostbite worth it.
2017-01-10_0021Girlfriend is the size of Thumbelina and was therefore frozen solid in about 3 minutes.  She was such a trooper and I love her even more for it.2017-01-10_00222017-01-10_00232017-01-10_00242017-01-10_0025Matt’s reaction was the best.2017-01-10_00262017-01-10_00272017-01-10_00282017-01-10_00312017-01-10_00302017-01-10_00292017-01-10_00322017-01-10_00332017-01-10_00342017-01-10_00352017-01-10_00362017-01-10_00372017-01-10_00382017-01-10_00392017-01-10_00402017-01-10_00412017-01-10_00422017-01-10_0043I absolutely love this shot of Matt stopping traffic for his bride.2017-01-10_00442017-01-10_00452017-01-10_00462017-01-10_00472017-01-10_00482017-01-10_00492017-01-10_00502017-01-10_00512017-01-10_00522017-01-10_00532017-01-10_00542017-01-10_00552017-01-10_00562017-01-10_00572017-01-10_00582017-01-10_00592017-01-10_00602017-01-10_00612017-01-10_00622017-01-10_00632017-01-10_00642017-01-10_00652017-01-10_00662017-01-10_00672017-01-10_00682017-01-10_00692017-01-10_00702017-01-10_00712017-01-10_00722017-01-10_00732017-01-10_00742017-01-10_00752017-01-10_00762017-01-10_00772017-01-10_00782017-01-10_00792017-01-10_00802017-01-10_00812017-01-10_00822017-01-10_00832017-01-10_00842017-01-10_00852017-01-10_00862017-01-10_00872017-01-10_00882017-01-10_00892017-01-10_00902017-01-10_00912017-01-10_00922017-01-10_00932017-01-10_00942017-01-10_00952017-01-10_00962017-01-10_00972017-01-10_00982017-01-10_00992017-01-10_01012017-01-10_01022017-01-10_01032017-01-10_0104I want to adopt them.2017-01-10_01052017-01-10_01062017-01-10_01072017-01-10_01082017-01-10_01092017-01-10_01102017-01-10_01112017-01-10_01122017-01-10_01132017-01-10_0114There is my Fasha and Mike in front of the red tree. Sigh. I wander around my house despondent because their wedding is over. I can’t take it. 2017-01-10_01152017-01-10_0116You two…I just love you. THANK YOU for inviting me into your lives.

xo, Rachel