Cate & McKenzie!


Honest to God. It’s 10:30am and LEGIT the only thing I can think about right now is bellying up to a bar in a Mexican restaurant and pounding margaritas and guacamole. Something is the matter with me. I need a daytime friend who also has a burning desire to drink tequila and eat their weight in chips at 10:38am. Any takers?? I’m fun to hang around with, I promise.

Want to meet my newest little friend? Sure you do. Teeny little McKenzie came to visit me at my studio right after Christmas. She brought along her very busy big sis, Cate and her AWESOME mom and auntie.  Jamie is one of my BI loves and I honestly have a huge girl crush on her. She cracks me up and I feel like the next time we see each other it should be with the addition of the tequila I am jonesing for right now and the subtraction of the two incredibly cute people she made.

I love her.

2017-01-13_00022017-01-13_0003Cate…she brings two year old girl to a whole other level. I call dibs on her when she is 21. She’s going to be a fun time. ┬áJamie can keep her for now;)2017-01-13_00042017-01-13_00052017-01-13_00062017-01-13_00072017-01-13_0008Prettiest little thing.2017-01-13_0009Awww…she really couldn’t be any sweeter. She was so chill the whole time she was there.2017-01-13_00102017-01-13_00112017-01-13_00122017-01-13_00142017-01-13_00152017-01-13_00162017-01-13_00172017-01-13_00182017-01-13_0019Love all you ladies who came to see me!!

xo, Rachel