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Sienna Vince is here!



Gah! I can’t even handle how much I love what I have to show you guys today. We got a new little baby girl in our group and I am in love and I could not have been more wrong when I tried to guess what she was going to be. I was completely and totally convinced that my girl Daniella was going to have a boy. 10000% knew it and was certain Daniella knew it too and was lying to me. Turns out she wasn’t lying and the baby was not, in fact, a boy and I was wrong. Being wrong might legit be one of my least favorite things but I’ll take it this time because it means that what we got instead was beautiful, perfect, sweet Sienna Vince and that’s just fine by me. ¬†Daniella and Dan should just make perfect newborn babies all the time and sell them on the baby black market. People would pay good money for the baby perfection that these two create. It’s not even normal. I’d probably even pick one up for myself if it meant they would look and act like Karena and Sienna.

bwahahahahhaaaa….just kidding. As if I would ever have another baby…never mind BUY one intentionally.

I love to shoot at their house because everything is always a stars align kind of deal. ¬†I’m so happy for my girl, Lai. I love watching her family grow and watching her as a mom. I’m so proud of her on so many levels and I am so grateful that I get her as one of my own. My girls and I are pretty lucky to have each other.

I am OBSESSED with Karena. She is not even 2 and she’s ridiculous. I could hang out with her all day. Plus, she ever so nicely insisted on wearing her red Hunter boots for the shoot that took place in a black and white room. High five, homegirl. Thanks for looking out for Auntie. Love you to the moon.

2017-01-30_0001 2017-01-30_0002My friend is so beautiful. And Dan absolutely loves the photo shoots. They are his most favorite ever. 2017-01-30_0003 2017-01-30_0004See? Baby perfection. 2017-01-30_0005 2017-01-30_0007 2017-01-30_0008 2017-01-30_0009 2017-01-30_0010 2017-01-30_0011 2017-01-30_0006 2017-01-30_0012 2017-01-30_0014Karena is the world’s sweetest love bug. It just bubbles over. She can’t keep it all in. 2017-01-30_0015 2017-01-30_0016 2017-01-30_0017 2017-01-30_0018 2017-01-30_0019 2017-01-30_0021 2017-01-30_0020 2017-01-30_0022 2017-01-30_0023 2017-01-30_0024The whole world right there in her hands. 2017-01-30_0025 2017-01-30_0026 2017-01-30_0027 2017-01-30_0028 2017-01-30_0029 2017-01-30_0030 2017-01-30_0031 2017-01-30_0033 2017-01-30_0034 2017-01-30_0032 2017-01-30_0035 2017-01-30_0036Love you all so much.

xo, Rachel




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