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Lilly & Zachary



How bout those Pats? I obviously gave up trying to care about the game right after Lady Gaga absolutely slayed it at half time. I was kidding no one. I couldn’t even pretend anymore that I cared at that point. Of course now I regret my decision because from the sounds of it it turned out ot be a pretty good game. Oh well. I’m happy for all of the millions and millions of people in my Facebook feed that it genuinely seemed to mean something to.

Want to see some people that I am a big fan of? LOVE this family. I honestly just have the best time when I am around this fun loving, silly, affectionate and beautiful family. Lilly and Zachary are just awesome and it’s no wonder why that is if you hang out with their parents for more than 30 seconds.  These guys roll their eyes in the face of traditional Christmas card greetings and instead send out a Presidents Day card with I think is equal parts brilliant and hilarious. I went to visit them at their house a couple of weeks ago and really could not have enjoyed my time with them any more.  I find myself smiling like a lunatic all alone at my computer going through their pics. They rule.

Zachary just melts me. He is such a good little boy. Just good through and through.

2017-02-06_0002Lilly is a chick after my own heart. Such a good girl with just the right amount of spunk. 2017-02-06_0003 2017-02-06_0004 2017-02-06_0005 2017-02-06_0006 2017-02-06_0007These two are like little kittens. They just nuzzle each other endless. It must be nice to have kids like that. My kids would have cut each other at this age given the opportunity and the weaponry. 2017-02-06_0008 2017-02-06_0009 2017-02-06_0010 2017-02-06_0011 2017-02-06_0012 2017-02-06_0013 2017-02-06_0014 2017-02-06_0015 2017-02-06_0016 2017-02-06_0017 2017-02-06_0018 2017-02-06_0019 2017-02-06_0020 2017-02-06_0021 2017-02-06_0022 2017-02-06_0023 2017-02-06_0024You guys are the best!

xo, Rachel

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