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Little Miss Lilah



Happy  The Kids Went Back To School Day !!! It’s my favorite holiday of all. When they wake up and peel themselves off of whatever surface in my house that they have adhered themselves to for the past 5 days and go the hell back to school after what feels like was 1 million snow days. I do have to admit mine are pretty easy at this point. A couple years ago my friends and family were taking turns doing mental wellness checks on me right around this time of year.  Now, I really can’t complain about the boys except to say that I am pretty sure they are squatters and have a secret pact between the two of them to never leave the house no matter what, ever.  I’m afraid that they think they will not gain reentry to the house if they make a plan with other people their age and LEAVE. So, I’ve decided that two can play at their little game and I just leave. It’s a win win for all. They don’t want me here any more than I want to be here.  I’m pretty close to leaving for good, surrendering the house and all it’s contents and letting them Lord of The Flies their way into the future.

Want to meet my newest little girlfriend, Lilah?? Big, bright eyed, brilliant Lilah girl.  She is the product of my Megan and Robbie who’s wedding I shot a couple of years ago.  It’s in no way surprising that these two gorgeous people produced this baby perfection.  Lilah was a dream to shoot…just like her mom and dad are. I loved our visit and I am so, so grateful and happy that they wanted me to capture their brand new baby girl.

2017-02-14_0002They are just awesome. 2017-02-14_0004I can’t handle her! 2017-02-14_0005 2017-02-14_0006 2017-02-14_0007 2017-02-14_0008 2017-02-14_0009 2017-02-14_0003 2017-02-14_0010 2017-02-14_0011 2017-02-14_0012 2017-02-14_0013 2017-02-14_0014You guys did a good job with that little princess…

xo, Rachel


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