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Baby Henry!



Remember me? It’s been awhile. It’s that time of year when I kind of get lost wandering around my house waiting for it to be dinner time and hoping that one of my favorite couples in the world has a baby so that I can dust off my camera and feel slightly useful for at least a few hours. I basically spend a lot of time pondering my existence in life and going to Stop and Shop at least 2 to 3 times a day. One of my all time favorite ever, ever, ever couples helped to talk me off my existential ledge last week when they brought me their new little guy, Henry, to fall in love with. Brianne and Jake ARE THE BEST.  They just make me happy in a way that I can’t even explain.  It had been over two years since their wedding but being with them felt like my life was not actually flashing before my eyes and we had just been together.  In the time since we have seen each other last these two made one of the most brilliant (he just is..this is not up for debate..Henry is a genius) most adorable, sweetest little guys ever.  This boy was a dream..snoozed the whole time and stole my heart.  It just isn’t surprising considering the affinity I have for his parents.  LOVE. They are the kind of people keeping me in this game and I could not mean it more when I say it means the absolute world to be that they came back.

He’s the best. Barely woke up but was full of cutie pie baby expressions.

2017-03-16_0002 2017-03-16_0003 2017-03-16_0004Ehhhh….nah. 2017-03-16_0005Beautiful mama.  She is just awesome. 2017-03-16_0006 2017-03-16_0007 2017-03-16_0008 2017-03-16_0009We just laugh when we are together. You have to because Jake is hysterical and the best guy ever. 2017-03-16_0010 2017-03-16_0026 2017-03-16_0011 2017-03-16_0012 2017-03-16_0013 2017-03-16_0014 2017-03-16_0015 2017-03-16_0016Ehhhh…nah. 2017-03-16_0017 2017-03-16_0018 2017-03-16_0019 2017-03-16_0020 2017-03-16_0021Stop it, Henry. 2017-03-16_0022 2017-03-16_0023 2017-03-16_0024 2017-03-16_0025

You guys outdid yourself. He is perfection and you guys all so very much deserve each other. Love you guys.

xo, Rachel

  • March 16, 2017 - 8:31 pm

    Pamela smith - Beautiful post! Everything about this shoot was amazing! Great work and such kind and thoughtful words.

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