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Baby Coleman!


Hellooooo my long lost friends!

Thank God people have babies in the winter or I would have no reason at all to check in with you.

A lot of my favorite people have been having the babies this winter and this new little guy is the most recent product of my Gabrielle and Tim. Brie and Tim mighhhhht possibly be the most wonderful couple in the world. SOMEONE has to be the most wonderful, I’m pretty sure it’s them.  They have been busy in the years since I shot their wedding (always, in my heart, will be one of my favorites) and they just added their third little baby to their brood.  Little Coleman joined his big sisters Genevieve and Vivian and I got to go visit all of them last week.  There is ZERO part of me that can comprehend how Brie and Tim are doing this. THREE babies. Three whole babies to have to keep alive and happy at all times. They are like Marvel Super Heros in my opinion.

LOVEEEEE these three babies. They could not be more adorable.

2017-03-28_0002 2017-03-28_0005 2017-03-28_0003 2017-03-28_0006 2017-03-28_0004 2017-03-28_0007 2017-03-28_0008 2017-03-28_0009 2017-03-28_0010 2017-03-28_0011 2017-03-28_0012 2017-03-28_0013 2017-03-28_0014 2017-03-28_0015 2017-03-28_0016 2017-03-28_0017 2017-03-28_0018 2017-03-28_0019 2017-03-28_0020 2017-03-28_0021 2017-03-28_0022 2017-03-28_0023 2017-03-28_0024 2017-03-28_0025 2017-03-28_0026 2017-03-28_0027

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