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Little Calex is here!!

Meet my newest little friend, Calex! This is the FOURTH, yes you read that right, fourth little one for my friends Jen and Paul.  I do not know how they do it but they do and they do it so well.  Jen is just one of those people who makes having four kids look like it is a possibility. Do you know what it would have looked like over here if I ever attempted four children? A crime scene most likely.

Sweet baby Calex joined all of his siblings not long ago. He came out looking just like his big sister, Calista, complete with the most fluffy hair ever that just kills me. He was such a little angel…love him.

2017-04-12_0001 2017-04-12_0002 2017-04-12_0003 2017-04-12_0004 2017-04-12_0014 2017-04-12_0005 2017-04-12_0006 2017-04-12_0007My Cal…we’re getting there, me and him… 2017-04-12_0008Calista..teeny tiny but FIERCE. 2017-04-12_0009And my sweet B. 2017-04-12_0010 2017-04-12_0011 2017-04-12_0012Yup. That’s about the best one. We can’t say we didn’t try. 2017-04-12_0013 2017-04-12_0015 2017-04-12_0016So happy for you guys!!



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