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Jack is one!



Um. Alarm definitely did not go off this morning. So now, after I blog pictures of my favorites in the world me and the boys will be going to the beach. It’s just what is going to happen. I am not going to feel guilt about the fact they are skipping school. I’m instead going to embrace it and we are going to go eat tacos by the sea and spend some quality time together. That’s how it’s going to be. So there.

Gah! My little Jack turned one! Lisa and Mike are my long time loves and the parents of two of the cutest little kids ever made. These babies just look like drawings of the most cute babies in the world. Madison has more expressions than anyone ever and I love her madly. Jack is as delicious as the birthday cake he buried during the shoot. Love, love, love.

2017-05-17_0002 2017-05-17_0003 2017-05-17_0004 2017-05-17_0005 2017-05-17_0006 2017-05-17_0007 2017-05-17_0008 2017-05-17_0009 2017-05-17_0010 2017-05-17_0011 2017-05-17_0012 2017-05-17_0013 2017-05-17_0014 2017-05-17_0015 2017-05-17_0016 2017-05-17_0017 2017-05-17_0018 2017-05-17_0019 2017-05-17_0020I CANNOT handle her. 2017-05-17_0022 2017-05-17_0023 2017-05-17_0024 2017-05-17_0025 2017-05-17_0026 2017-05-17_0027See? He’s like a drawing. 2017-05-17_0028 2017-05-17_0029 2017-05-17_0030 2017-05-17_0031 2017-05-17_0032 2017-05-17_0033 2017-05-17_0034Happy birthday, Jack!! I always LOVE my time with you all!!




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