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Elle & Emma!


Hi there!

Ok..I am officially back. Thing have heated up over here and now I will return to filling up your newsfeed with pictures of adorable children and pretty brides and handsome grooms. Sound good?

Today I get to show you little Elle who made her debut here when she turned one and who is just straight AWESOME. She was awesome when she was one and she only got better with age. She got herself a little sister since I’ve seen her last and I got to meet miss Emma who herself is turning one.  Two perfect little blonde baby girls to brighten up this already glorious day. How much better is EVERYTHING when the sun is shining by the way? Maybe summer will decide to stick around this time and I can officially put my Uggs away for the love of  God.

Oh this little face…

2017-06-05_0001 2017-06-05_0002This chick just rolls with it. Cute as a button and cool as a cucumber. 2017-06-05_0003 2017-06-05_0004 2017-06-05_0005 2017-06-05_0006 2017-06-05_0007 2017-06-05_0008 2017-06-05_0009 2017-06-05_0010 2017-06-05_0011She’s just delicious. 2017-06-05_0012 2017-06-05_0013 2017-06-05_0014 2017-06-05_0015 2017-06-05_0016 2017-06-05_0017 2017-06-05_0018 2017-06-05_0019 2017-06-05_0020Annnnd…the end. 2017-06-05_0021

SO happy I got to see you all. Sweet girls..you rock.

xo, Rachel

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