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Molly: Sandwich Senior Session



Every time  shoot a senior girl I wonder why that isn’t the only thing I shoot because I love doing it so much.  Senior girls listen to what I say (unlike 2 year old girls and 23 year old groomsmen) and they are totally into the shoot (unlike newborn babies and crabby 3 year old boys).  Molly was a complete and total dream to shoot. This girl…if whatever successful thing she plans on doing after she graduates next year doesn’t quite pan out she will always have a fall back in being a model.  She just has this quiet confidence about her and she is as beautiful as the day is long. LOVED being able to shoot her and was so glad that her mom, Kim asked me to do it.

We shot at Molly’s happy place in Sandwich on the most perfect evening for shooting.

Good luck picking a favorite, you guys. Chick can’t take a bad picture if she tried. Sigh. That must be nice, huh?

2017-06-16_0003 2017-06-16_0004 2017-06-16_0002 2017-06-16_0008Like, really, Molly? 2017-06-16_0005 2017-06-16_0006 2017-06-16_0007 2017-06-16_0009 2017-06-16_0010 2017-06-16_0011 2017-06-16_0013 2017-06-16_0012 2017-06-16_0014 2017-06-16_0016 2017-06-16_0015 2017-06-16_0017 2017-06-16_0018 2017-06-16_0019 2017-06-16_0020 2017-06-16_0021 2017-06-16_0022Girlfriend, you have the world at your finger tips. Go slay it.

xo, Rachel


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