Lauren & Bobby: Bedford Village Inn Wedding



How is everyone? How is summer treating you? Usually by now I’m complaining about the children who are near me who no longer go to school full time and who make working from home..ahem…only a littleeee bit enjoyable. But truthfully

****I’ve changed my mind. I was GOING to say that these days my lazy teenage boys pretty much leave me alone for the most part and I have yet to confirm signs of life at this point so far today. BUT, of COURSE, the second I started to type one of them came out of the woodwork needing me to find something and I have changed my mind on writing about the ease of home working with two teenagers.  WHYYYYY does he only speak to me the SECOND I start to write an email or a blog post. WHY?****

Ok, let;s just get to the reason we are all here, hmmmm? My sweet Lauren and Bobby’s wedding. Sigh. I loved this wedding. I love this venue (it’s where my sister got married) and I love this couple.  Everything just went so smoothly this day. Everyone was laid back, everything was BEYOND beautiful, Bobby and Lauren were so much fun to be with. It was just one of those weddings that will stay with me. I loved it.

Had my boy Matt Wood with me who makes everything awesome.

2017-06-22_00022017-06-22_00052017-06-22_00032017-06-22_00042017-06-22_00062017-06-22_00072017-06-22_00082017-06-22_0009My Brittany! I shot her wedding last year and have her to thank for being a part of Lauren’s. 2017-06-22_00102017-06-22_00112017-06-22_00122017-06-22_00132017-06-22_00142017-06-22_00152017-06-22_0016Like, isn’t my girl stunning? Such a beauty.2017-06-22_00172017-06-22_00182017-06-22_00192017-06-22_00202017-06-22_00212017-06-22_00222017-06-22_00232017-06-22_00242017-06-22_00252017-06-22_00262017-06-22_00272017-06-22_00282017-06-22_00292017-06-22_00302017-06-22_00312017-06-22_00322017-06-22_00332017-06-22_00342017-06-22_00352017-06-22_00362017-06-22_00372017-06-22_00382017-06-22_00392017-06-22_00402017-06-22_00412017-06-22_00422017-06-22_00432017-06-22_00442017-06-22_00452017-06-22_00462017-06-22_00472017-06-22_00482017-06-22_00492017-06-22_00502017-06-22_00512017-06-22_00522017-06-22_0053Bobby is the absolute best. He might win Best Groom of All Time Ever Award.2017-06-22_00542017-06-22_00552017-06-22_00562017-06-22_00722017-06-22_00712017-06-22_00702017-06-22_00572017-06-22_00582017-06-22_00592017-06-22_00602017-06-22_0061
2017-06-22_00622017-06-22_00632017-06-22_00642017-06-22_0065LOVE THEM.2017-06-22_00662017-06-22_00672017-06-22_00682017-06-22_0069You guys are simply the best. I’m so thankful I was with you that day!

xo, Rachel