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Oh my word, please mentally prepare for the cuteness overload you are bout to get. This little sweetie is named Jameson (a name I am quite partial to:) and he might actually be the World’s Happiest Baby. He is definitely in the running to be the World’s Busiest Baby, too. Homeboy DID.NOT.STOP.MOVING. for one second but the entire time he had a huge, beautiful, delicious, joy filled smile on that little face of his.  His big brown eyes melted my heart and after this shoot the fact that I didn’t make it to the gym that day was cancelled out by all of the running I had to do to keep up with him.  You can tell that his sweet, shining personality  (and his looks) come from his super sweet mom, Michelle, who I could not have been more pleased to meet.  Jameson is actually the cousin of my little loves Emma and Elle who were on the blog last month.  This family makes cute kids, that is for sure.

2017-07-12_0002 2017-07-12_0003 2017-07-12_0004 2017-07-12_0005Always moving. 2017-07-12_0006 2017-07-12_0007 2017-07-12_0008Can you even with this face?? 2017-07-12_0009Always on tiptoes. 2017-07-12_0010 2017-07-12_0011 2017-07-12_0012 2017-07-12_0013 2017-07-12_0014Literally can’t with this. Dying. 2017-07-12_0015 2017-07-12_0016 2017-07-12_0017 2017-07-12_0018 2017-07-12_0019 2017-07-12_0020 2017-07-12_0021We tried a costume change but truthfully at this point everyone involved needed a nap. Except maybe Jameson. 2017-07-12_0022Keep smiling, little one. You are the best.

xo, Rachel

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