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Samantha & Nick: East Boston engagement


Oh how I love all of the patient people who are not harassing me for their pics. For example, sweet Samantha and Nick who I feel like I shot about 100 years ago on a beautiful evening in East Boston.  It really was the perfect night for a shoot, if I remember correctly, and getting to spend time and get to know Sam and Nick was awesome.  These two will be getting married this October and I am the lucky girl who gets to be there with them.

Samantha is gorgeous, I’m not sure I have ever seen someone with skin as perfect as her…that must be nice. My girl Tara did her makeup for the shoot and nailed it, like always.

2017-07-13_0003 2017-07-13_0004 2017-07-13_0005 2017-07-13_0002 2017-07-13_0006 2017-07-13_0007 2017-07-13_0008 2017-07-13_0009 2017-07-13_0010 2017-07-13_0011 2017-07-13_0012 2017-07-13_0013 2017-07-13_0014 2017-07-13_0015 2017-07-13_0016Love this one:) 2017-07-13_0017 2017-07-13_0018 2017-07-13_0019 2017-07-13_0020 2017-07-13_0021 2017-07-13_0022 2017-07-13_0023There is something so timeless about Samantha. Gorgeous. 2017-07-13_0024 2017-07-13_0025 2017-07-13_0026 2017-07-13_0027 2017-07-13_0028Can’t wait to be with you guys in October!!

xo, Rachel

  • July 21, 2017 - 1:48 pm

    Margaret Galvin - I have never met two people that are so prefect each other. I can see how much you love each other just by seeing you together. The love and happiness you share can be seen on both your faces when you walk into a room. I wish you both nothing but the best in the future. Love you both very much. Mom

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