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Baby Viviane!


Want to meet my newest little baby girlfriend, Viviane? Of course you do.  This little chickie is full of spirit and though she be but little she is fierce.  You can tell from looking into her eyes that she is brilliant and smart and strong and perfect.  I loved the time I got to spend with her and her sweet, sweet mom Jillian.  Viv came to make a difference in the world, I have no doubt about that.

2017-07-18_0002Her throwing up the peace sign on the right cracks me up. 2017-07-18_0004 2017-07-18_0005 2017-07-18_0006 2017-07-18_0007 2017-07-18_0009 2017-07-18_0010 2017-07-18_0011I had to throw one in, Jillian..lol:) 2017-07-18_0012 2017-07-18_0001Is she not the sweetest thing in the world? They are all pretty sweet when they are sleeping, huh? 2017-07-18_0013 2017-07-18_0014 2017-07-18_0015 2017-07-18_0017 2017-07-18_0018 2017-07-18_0016That little face. 2017-07-18_0020So wonderful to meet you ladies. I truly hope to see you again.



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