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Alyson & Dan



Chugging right along over here. Pretty much at the pace of a snail gliding it’s way through a molasses puddle, but chugging along nonetheless.

Today I would like you to meet Alyson and Dan. These two will be getting married in November and I don’t think I have ever seen a couple who makes each other laugh more than these guys.  They just crack up at each other endless and I think that is probably one of the best things you can ask for in a partner.  It was just one of those shoots where the three of us laughed our way through. I can’t wait to be with them in November when they say “I do.”

2017-08-03_0012 2017-08-03_0013I’m obsessed with Alyson’s gorgeous red hair. 2017-08-03_0014 2017-08-03_0015 2017-08-03_0016 2017-08-03_0017 2017-08-03_0018 2017-08-03_0019 2017-08-03_0020 2017-08-03_0021 2017-08-03_0022 2017-08-03_0023 2017-08-03_0024 2017-08-03_0025 2017-08-03_0026 2017-08-03_0027 2017-08-03_0028 2017-08-03_0029You guys are awesome. Meant to find each other and laugh your way though life together. Can’t wait to see you in November!

xo, Rachel

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