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Jacquelyn’s Family


Hello there!

I’ve officially gotten there. I’ve gotten to the place where I would like to drop kick everyone in my house out the front door. It’s time now. Go on back to school boys. I’ve had quite enough of having to go grocery shopping every 15 minutes to keep my snack drawer full. Peace. It’s been real. Off you go. It really cannot come fast enough.

Every time I share pictures of my girl Jacquelyn and her family I think that there is no way that I could love what we got more.  I never think we can top it and then every, single time we do.  I love this family madly and I love her madly.

Zac was the big winner this session.  The boy made me proud.

2017-08-18_0002I would like to eat Owen’s head.  I can’t with him. 2017-08-18_0003Beautiful. 2017-08-18_0004My Alex! I’ve been shooting him since he was in utero. He’s got a little bit of my heart. 2017-08-18_0005 2017-08-18_0006 2017-08-18_0007 2017-08-18_0008 2017-08-18_0009 2017-08-18_0010 2017-08-18_0013 2017-08-18_0012 2017-08-18_0014 2017-08-18_0015 2017-08-18_0016God. What I would give for a picture like this of me and my boys at that age.  She’ll always remember exactly how that felt. 2017-08-18_0017 2017-08-18_0018 2017-08-18_0019 2017-08-18_0020 2017-08-18_0021 2017-08-18_0022 2017-08-18_0023 2017-08-18_0024 2017-08-18_0025 2017-08-18_0026 2017-08-18_0027 2017-08-18_0028 2017-08-18_0029I die. The snuggle. 2017-08-18_0030 2017-08-18_0031Tough looking bunch, huh? Like, Jesus..you should be in a J Crew catalog. 2017-08-18_0032 2017-08-18_0033 2017-08-18_0034 2017-08-18_0035 2017-08-18_0036 2017-08-18_0037 2017-08-18_0038 2017-08-18_0039 2017-08-18_0040 2017-08-18_0041 2017-08-18_0042 2017-08-18_0053 2017-08-18_0043 2017-08-18_0044 2017-08-18_0045 2017-08-18_0046 2017-08-18_0047 2017-08-18_0048 2017-08-18_0049 2017-08-18_0050 2017-08-18_0051 2017-08-18_0054Love you guys.

xo, Rachel

  • August 18, 2017 - 1:22 pm

    Donna Kendall - I absolutely love these photos❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    They are amazing

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