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Baby Shea!


Current Status: Chicken with my head cut off

That is exactly how I feel right now and before I have to jump into the shower to head to my next destination today I NEED to show you the most deliciously adorable little lady who is named Shea and who I love.  Sweet baby girl Shea is the niece of one of my absolute favorite couples in the whole world, Brianne and Jake. I could not have been happier when Brianne reached out to me on behalf of her awesome sister in law to see if I had time to shoot this newborn session. This baby girl was a dream and her big brother, Dylan was the best.  I’m so honored to be able to document such amazing moments in this family’s life.

2017-09-05_0001 2017-09-05_0002 2017-09-05_0003Tara and Brenden couldn’t even make cuter kids if they tried. 2017-09-05_0004 2017-09-05_0005 2017-09-05_0006 2017-09-05_0007 2017-09-05_0008 2017-09-05_0009 2017-09-05_0010 2017-09-05_0011 2017-09-05_0012 2017-09-05_0013I’m obsessed with this baby. 2017-09-05_0014 2017-09-05_0015 2017-09-05_0016I’m kind of obsessed with this boy, too. 2017-09-05_0017 2017-09-05_0018 2017-09-05_0019 2017-09-05_0020 2017-09-05_0021 2017-09-05_0022LOVED seeing you guys again! Congratulations!!

xo, Rachel

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