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Baby Teddy!



Would you like to meet the world’s most adorably delicious baby giant? I thought so.  I want to say “Little Teddy” when I introduce him to you but really, there is nothing little about this baby. This sweetie is the product of my Chrissy and Teddy who I love with all of my heart and who’s wedding I shot two years ago. Chrissy’s family means the world to me so being able to shoot her new baby boy could not have made me happier.  I can’t get over this baby. He was only a week but he looked like a third grader.  He laughed in the face of my newborn sized baby wraps. I want to wrap him in an oversized quilt and snuggle him all day long.

2017-09-13_0002I want to bite those cheekies. 2017-09-13_0003He’s a week! Look at how big he is!! 2017-09-13_0004 2017-09-13_0005 2017-09-13_0006 2017-09-13_0007Love her. 2017-09-13_0008 2017-09-13_0009 2017-09-13_0010 2017-09-13_0011 2017-09-13_0012 2017-09-13_0013 2017-09-13_0014 2017-09-13_0015 2017-09-13_0016 2017-09-13_0017Need a pic in a Hawaiian shirt…obvi. 2017-09-13_0018Love you guys!! He’s perfection!



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