Sean, Kathleen, Olivia and Ryan



Awww…it’s been WAY too long since I have been able to post a blog with these lovely people in it.  I just went back into my blog to see how big the kids have actually grown through the years…it’s CRAZY. Olivia and Ryan were babies when we started this and now they are just getting so old.  What a treasure to have all of the shoots that Kathy and Sean have to look back on. Love this family, love how loyal they have been to me during the years and I love what we got this beautiful day.  These pictures mean so much, a reminder to be ever grateful to be able to laugh with and hold your babies.  This life is a gift.

2017-10-03_00022017-10-03_00032017-10-03_00042017-10-03_00052017-10-03_00162017-10-03_00072017-10-03_00082017-10-03_00092017-10-03_00102017-10-03_00112017-10-03_00122017-10-03_00132017-10-03_00142017-10-03_00152017-10-03_00172017-10-03_00182017-10-03_00062017-10-03_00192017-10-03_00202017-10-03_00212017-10-03_00222017-10-03_00232017-10-03_00242017-10-03_00252017-10-03_00262017-10-03_00272017-10-03_00282017-10-03_00292017-10-03_00302017-10-03_00312017-10-03_00322017-10-03_00332017-10-03_00342017-10-03_00352017-10-03_00362017-10-03_00372017-10-03_00382017-10-03_0039You guys know how much I love you. So proud of you, Kathy.

xo, Rachel