Lindsey & Ronan



Omg..I need one of those weighted belts that scuba divers wear to keep them from floating to the surface of the water while they are down there scuba-ing. I need to wear it while I am sitting on my desk chair in front of my computer because every second of every day needs to be filled with editing pics and it is SO HARD to stay seated when there is coffee to make, and then heat back up, and Missy to pet, and a snack to be scrounged for, and my water glass gets empty all the time, and I swear to God I just heard the UPS man outside bringing me the 4th dress that I’ve ordered in the last week that I will promptly return like all of the others, and the texting…oh the textingggggg…gahhhhhhhhh

Settle down, Rachel. Just settle down and FOCUS. Do not move. Be clear and present in this moment and EDIT THE GODFORSAKEN PICTURES.

Want to see my muse family? I love them. I’ve been shooting Lindsey and her brother for a VERY long time. I actually just went back and looked at their old sessions starting in 2009 (because you know, I needed to stop doing the task at hand which was writing this post and take 10 minutes to look back at some old pics). I can’t believe how fast time flies and how much I love that this family has stuck with me for the past 8 years.  That means the world to me. My short visits with Renee and Chris and their two pretty awesome kids make me happy.


2017-10-16_00032017-10-16_00272017-10-16_00042017-10-16_00052017-10-16_00062017-10-16_00282017-10-16_00072017-10-16_00082017-10-16_00092017-10-16_00102017-10-16_00112017-10-16_00122017-10-16_00132017-10-16_00142017-10-16_00152017-10-16_00162017-10-16_00172017-10-16_00182017-10-16_00192017-10-16_00202017-10-16_00212017-10-16_00222017-10-16_00232017-10-16_00242017-10-16_00252017-10-16_0026You guys always make my day.

xo, Rachel