Samantha & Scott: Union Point Wedding



Oh October…you are just so Octobery.

I’m behind on blogging, editing, food shopping, laundry, pretty much every single thing that I need to to in my life I am behind on.  Never fails. This week in October always does me in. Whineeeeeeee…whine, whineeeee, whineeeeeee..   I’m sorry. You don’t need to listen to me feel sorry for myself when what you came here for is to see some pretty pictures of my pretty Samantha and her guy Scott.

These two are great, they got married on a perfect September day out in Northampton. I really wish Northampton was closer to me because I just love it out there. The place is just so cool and there is so much life there.Thanks to Sam and Scott and their spot on game plan for picture taking I actually got to see more of that area that I had previously. And, these two amazing people, showed me my favorite bar in the world that I will sadly proably never be able to drink at because it is approximately a light year away from where I live. Sad.

Love being around these guys…they are a perfect match and I wish them so much happiness..they deserve it.


Congratulations you guys! So glad you came into my life!

xo, Rachel