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My girl Lucy, her guy Hobie and their boy Henry



I totally just made the mistake of buying a bag of popcorn from my local supermarket which is roughly the size of my torso and friggin delicious.  I bought it under the guise of planning on giving it to my kid and his girlfriend (don’t ask, I can’t…story for another day) but they are out doing whatever it is exactly that children who are in 8th grade and have a girlfriend or boyfriend do (again, I can’t) so now it is currently propped between my legs while I type this blog and  in about 7-8 minutes I am going to want to die but even KNOWING that is a certainty it will not stop me from breaking a sweat trying to get it into my face as fast as humanly possible. I am weak of will and I will suffer for it momentarily.

Anywayyyy…come see my Lucy!! She’s one of my soulmate brides who I love dearly.  Chick cracks me up and I feel like she’s been my friend forever. She and Hobie got married a couple of years ago (she will always be one of the most stunning brides I have ever been lucky enough to shoot) and the two of these flawless people went ahead and made a VERY cute and somewhat judgy baby boy named Henry. We got to visit with each other in the Public Garden not long ago and I got to meet the boy and fall in love with him just like I did with his parents.

There is nothing better than light in October…it is the prettiest light all year.

2017-10-27_0001I die at the way Hobie talks to Henry. I wish I had an audio recording of it. 2017-10-27_0002 2017-10-27_0003 2017-10-27_0004 2017-10-27_0005 2017-10-27_0006 2017-10-27_0007 2017-10-27_0008See? He’s judging me in that baby head of his. 2017-10-27_0009 2017-10-27_0010 2017-10-27_0011 2017-10-27_0012 2017-10-27_0014Gah. I can’t with her. 2017-10-27_0015 2017-10-27_0016 2017-10-27_0017 2017-10-27_0018 2017-10-27_0019 2017-10-27_0020 2017-10-27_0021 2017-10-27_0022 2017-10-27_0023 2017-10-27_0024 2017-10-27_0025 2017-10-27_0026 2017-10-27_0027 2017-10-27_0028 2017-10-27_0029 2017-10-27_0030 2017-10-27_0031 2017-10-27_0032 2017-10-27_0033

You guys kinda knocked it out of the park with that kid. Job well done. Love you!

xo, Rachel

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