Madelyn & Brayden



Gah…my blogging game is basically non existent as it typically is in late October. I am trying to get everything up and out to all of my patient people and blogging always takes a back seat. This is one of my favorite families and I thought I would take the time to put their pics up this morning in between editing 20 different sessions, activating 100 million galleries and getting ready for meetings and shoots later on this afternoon.

LOVE my Brayden and Madelyn.  I have been so lucky to have these people in my life for the last few years and when I see them it is always mind blowing to me that a year has passed since I saw them last.  The families that I get to see every year mean the absolute world to me. Truly.

We started off in the woods where there was a brief and very real moment that I thought we all might be sustaining off of the stale gum in my shoot sac and whatever goldfish crackers my girl Megan had at the bottom of her bag, but even though I may have doubted her for a hot second Meg got us out of the woods alive and well just like she promised me she would.

These two are adorable. Brayden is always taking care of his little sister.

2017-11-03_00012017-11-03_0002Love that chick.2017-11-03_00032017-11-03_00042017-11-03_00062017-11-03_00072017-11-03_00082017-11-03_0009That little one fell asleep just like that on our trip out of the wild. So stinking cute.2017-11-03_0010Then she woke up as good as new.2017-11-03_00112017-11-03_00122017-11-03_00132017-11-03_00142017-11-03_00152017-11-03_00162017-11-03_00172017-11-03_00182017-11-03_00192017-11-03_00202017-11-03_00212017-11-03_00222017-11-03_00232017-11-03_00242017-11-03_00252017-11-03_00292017-11-03_00262017-11-03_00272017-11-03_00282017-11-03_00302017-11-03_00312017-11-03_00322017-11-03_00332017-11-03_00342017-11-03_0035You guys make my heart happy.

xo, Rachel