Taylor & Simone: Lake Pearl Wedding



Current situation: Sitting in front of my computer, wearing same giant sweatshirt for 3rd day in a row and trying not to feel sorry for myself about how much editing I still have to do.  Also, while I am making a conscious effort not to be a spoiled brat complaining about how much work I have (when in reality I am VERY grateful that I have work to do) I am swooning over my sweet, sweet Taylor and Simone’s wedding photos.

I am not sure that there is a sweeter girl in the world. Truly. Taylor is made of something else.  She is so kind and so loving and I know that this is a direct reflection of the beautiful family that she grew up in. This is my second wedding for this amazing family (love you Elise and Cavan) and once again, I was moved by the amount of love that they shower upon each other. I love when I am with families like my own, families that you can just see do not take a second with each other for granted.  It makes it feel like home for me and that is my favorite love to capture.  Taylor and Simone have this way about them.  They are so quietly respectful together.  You can see, just from watching them for a short period of time just how much they love each other and how lucky they both are to have found one another. They really are a match.  It’s like they are the only two people in the world when they are near each other.

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xo, Rachel