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Isla! (and my favorite girl Kathleen..I mean that…I really do…)


I’m just going to sit here until my eyes bleed and blog and edit until I have to be surgically removed from my computer chair. I love this time of year.


Gahhhh!! Mentally prepare for the cute overload you are about to receive (side note, I am 40. Do you think there will come a time when I don’t type “recieve” first and then have to auto correct it to make the e go before the i? Like, EVER?? There is not a single time I type that word that I do it correctly the first time around. Not one.)  Kathleen and Eric got married a couple of years ago and that was when via email I fell hard and fast for my sarcastic, dry sense of humor, somewhat cynical and all around right up my alley girl Kathleen.  Kathleen LOVED being a bide (and I say that with all of the dripping sarcasm that lace Kathleen’s emails). She actually was a pretty awesome bride (one of my favorites, in fact) but she definitely wasn’t typical.   These two had a perfect Isla girl and I got to see them when they visited from New York not that long ago. Kathleen LOVES that baby girl. I am saying this with zero sarcasm at all.  This little girl has 1000 expressions and is absolutely delicious.  No baby has better expressions than her. No way.

I LOVE being able to see Kathleen and Eric and her mom and dad. They are just awesome people and I am so thankful that I got to spend time with them and meet that little love.

2017-11-21_0089 2017-11-21_0088 2017-11-21_0087 2017-11-21_0086 2017-11-21_0090 2017-11-21_0091 2017-11-21_0092 2017-11-21_0093 2017-11-21_0094 2017-11-21_0095 2017-11-21_0096 2017-11-21_0097 2017-11-21_0098 2017-11-21_0099 2017-11-21_0100 2017-11-21_0101 2017-11-21_0102 2017-11-21_0104 2017-11-21_0105 2017-11-21_0106 2017-11-21_0107 2017-11-21_0108Love you guys. I mean that. I really, really do.

xo, Rachel

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