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Teddy Baby!


Blog #3 today. I am in no way kidding around right now.

I feel like it’s been a little bit since I have blogged a newborn. I have a couple that I just couldn’t get to and will blog when I get through all of the madness over here but since I am on a blogging roll right now I am going to show you Teddy. Teddy might just be the biggest newborn in the world and he is OUT OF CONTROL cute. This boy smiled at me. On purpose. A number of times. I kid you not. He was a week old and the baby was just cracking himself up through our whole shoot. I have honestly never seen anything like it in my whole career as a baby photographer.  I’m OBSESSED with him.  I am also obsessed with his big sister Lily who was the sweetest little girl ever.  Usually girls her age give me a total run for my money but Lily was just dipped in sweet. Such a great family…I was lucky enough to shoot Krista’s brothers wedding a few years back and it was great to see her again.

2017-11-21_0109 2017-11-21_0110 2017-11-21_0111 2017-11-21_0112 2017-11-21_0113 2017-11-21_0114 2017-11-21_0115 2017-11-21_0116 2017-11-21_0117 2017-11-21_0118 2017-11-21_0119 2017-11-21_0120 2017-11-21_0121 2017-11-21_0122 2017-11-21_0123 2017-11-21_0124 2017-11-21_0125 2017-11-21_0126 2017-11-21_0127 2017-11-21_0128 2017-11-21_0129 2017-11-21_0130 2017-11-21_0131 2017-11-21_0132 2017-11-21_0133 2017-11-21_0134 2017-11-21_0135 2017-11-21_0136Seriously not possible for you guys to make cuter kids. So happy I saw you!

xo, Rachel

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