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Baby Henry!


Do you have any idea what an exercise in will today is for me? ALLLL I want to do is buy all the half priced things on the internet today.  All of them.  But I can’t. I have to edit the pictures. All of the pictures and knowing that I am a mere mouse click and new tab away from finding all of the half priced things is TORTUREEEEEEEEEEEE.

But baby Henry has helped in alleviating some of the stress of my editing self pity party for one.  Oh this boy…he is the perfect little offspring of my Sarah and Jason (my most favorite wedding ever). They themselves are perfect so it’s no wonder this little apple didn’t fall far from that tree.   He was such a little gentleman for his shoot. I could not be happier for Sarah and Jason and could not have been more excited to be able to see them again and meet their little guy.

2017-11-27_0002 2017-11-27_0003 2017-11-27_0004 2017-11-27_0005 2017-11-27_0006 2017-11-27_0007 2017-11-27_0008 2017-11-27_0009 2017-11-27_0010 2017-11-27_0011 2017-11-27_0012 2017-11-27_0013 2017-11-27_0014 2017-11-27_0015 2017-11-27_0016 2017-11-27_0017 2017-11-27_0018 2017-11-27_0019 2017-11-27_0020 2017-11-27_0021 2017-11-27_0022 2017-11-27_0023Congratulations you guys! You did good!

xo, Rachel

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