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Alyssa, Peyton & Chase



Today I have kids that were not born a week ago to share with you. Three pretty awesome kids who are the product of a long time friend and who totally brought their A game for me not that long ago.  I love to shoot my babies but I also love to get kids who are a little bit older and who I can get to know, run around outside with and have them show me who they really are when they lose the teenage inhibition, let loose and just PLAY again for a little while.  I think it’s kind of awesome as a mom to be able to see your kids in that light again and I’m so glad that Tracy decided to book a session with me for that very reason.

2017-11-30_0002 2017-11-30_0003Beautiful girl. Looks just like her mom.
2017-11-30_0004These two are amazing. 2017-11-30_0005 2017-11-30_0006 2017-11-30_0007I LOVE THIS. 2017-11-30_0008 2017-11-30_0009 2017-11-30_0010 2017-11-30_0011I’m literally obsessed with Peyton. 2017-11-30_0012 2017-11-30_0013 2017-11-30_0014 2017-11-30_0015 2017-11-30_0016 2017-11-30_0017 2017-11-30_0018 2017-11-30_0019 2017-11-30_0020 2017-11-30_0021 2017-11-30_0022 2017-11-30_0023 2017-11-30_0024 2017-11-30_0025 2017-11-30_0026 2017-11-30_0027Loved the time I spent with you guys!

xo, Rachel

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