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Who do I have a bigger crush on is the question for today? Carter The Delicious or his mom, Alanna? Alanna has always led the pack but lately she and Neil have been making these babies who have been dipped in other level cute and now are serious contenders for winning the full weight of my affection.  Carter is the kind of chubby baby that you legitimately want to bite.  Like, he’s so squishy and flirty and every instinct in your body leans towards just punching yourself in the face because you can’t handle it.  He reminded me so much of Jameson when he was a chub like that (now he’s an almost 6 foot tall sweetheart who talks too much and has a hard part in his hair that I die for).

Sometimes you need a rest. And sometimes people be basic (I really wish I could swear the way I want to in this caption but it is a blog post about a baby boy so I will not. Use your imagination). Tell me he’s not flirting with me. Just TRY and tell me that. I apologize, Carter. I could not help myself. Couldn’t love you guys more.

xo, Rachel


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