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Kara and Pete..ever after..

Good morning. I, very happily, get to share with you the wedding of my girl, Kara and her guy Pete, today. What no one knows is that I am actually writing this post from inside Kara’s parents lake house in New Hampshire. Really. I have been here since the wedding and they haven’t even noticed. I move around from room to room in a stealthy ninja like fashion and they haven’t figured it out that I am here and I actually have no immediate plans to leave any time soon.

Oh ho ho…funny me. I am no where near their ridiculously beautiful lake house. You all know where I am. I am at my computer in a house with two kids and no sunshine outside my window plotting ways to creatively drop the 200 bucks that I drop every time I pull out of my driveway in a pathetic attempt to make the time pass without having to listen to the boys fight.  But my mind is at the lake house. And I am pretty sure I left a little piece of my heart there the day that Kara and Pete said “I do”.  They got married a couple weeks ago on what was probably one of the most beautiful days ever and their wedding matched the day in beauty.  Kara is one of my Beth Israel nurse girlfriends and she is awesome.  I loved every part of her day just like I knew that I would.  Kara and Pete make a great couple…we had an absolute blast last year when we shot their engagement session so I knew that the wedding would just be an even bigger better extension of that good time.  The ceremony and reception were held at  beautiful Church Landing on Winnipesaukee and their guests completely partied to a completely great band,  First Class Band  (highly recommended) all night long.   

I started my time with the ladies at the aforementioned lake house while Kara kept it together in a cool as a cucumber type fashion.  My shooter that day was Savannah and she hung with the guys for a few at the venue while we all waited for the ceremony to start.

That is pure Kara, that smile… Well hello there, Kara. You are stunning. One of the world’s proudest Dads, for certain. Kara’s little “I”m getting married!!” twirl. Smoke. Show. I have to put one of my beautiful Emily, Kara’s best friend and my bride from last September. Here are some of the shots that Savannah got. Hey there handsome, Pete! I love these two pictures together.  I don’t know whose that bike is, either Kara’s or her awesome sister, Shannon’s, but it is so sweet. I love that those colored things that we put on our spokes when we were little girls are still on it. It just speaks to childhood.  The picture on the right could not be more beautiful. Nice looking family, right? THIS is what boys do when they wait for a wedding. Us girls? We took a trip to a marina so that we could take pretty, pretty pictures. LOVE these two of Kara. Best bridesmaids ever. So much fun. Then we arrived at Church Landing. There is Shannon. Do you think that Kara is excited to be marrying Pete? Kara’s grandmother did a reading. LOVE the image that Savannah caught on the right. MARRIED!! Love me a fun bridal party. Pete was probably telling Kara just how much he loves to have his picture taken. Savannah got this one. The one in the middle is classic Pete. LOVE these porch ones. GORGEOUS. I seriously want to put Kara in my pocket and carry her around all day. She would fit and I think she might even like it in there. Emily’s sister, Sarah and Shannon. Table FOUR!! Winners… Pete’s mom in the hot pink..excellent choice, she looked great. My guy Scott in the lower left. I know how partial he is to my wide angle shots. And he knows how partial I am to him.  Congratulations Kara and Pete!! The day was just as beautiful as I knew it would be.  I am so happy that I was with you and I wish you two nothing but happiness in the years to come.

xo, Rachel

  • July 1, 2011 - 9:35 am

    Maria Plumpton - Loved what I was able to view. The pictures beginning with the comment about the porch didnot post. 🙁
    Very talented photographers; a perfect depiction of a wonderful day filled with the joy of two young people in the throws of Love. Can’t wait to see the entire album.

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