Alyssa, Peyton & Chase



Today I have kids that were not born a week ago to share with you. Three pretty awesome kids who are the product of a long time friend and who totally brought their A game for me not that long ago.  I love to shoot my babies but I also love to get kids who are a little bit older and who I can get to know, run around outside with and have them show me who they really are when they lose the teenage inhibition, let loose and just PLAY again for a little while.  I think it’s kind of awesome as a mom to be able to see your kids in that light again and I’m so glad that Tracy decided to book a session with me for that very reason.

2017-11-30_00022017-11-30_0003Beautiful girl. Looks just like her mom.
2017-11-30_0004These two are amazing.2017-11-30_00052017-11-30_00062017-11-30_0007I LOVE THIS.2017-11-30_00082017-11-30_00092017-11-30_00102017-11-30_0011I’m literally obsessed with Peyton.2017-11-30_00122017-11-30_00132017-11-30_00142017-11-30_00152017-11-30_00162017-11-30_00172017-11-30_00182017-11-30_00192017-11-30_00202017-11-30_00212017-11-30_00222017-11-30_00232017-11-30_00242017-11-30_00252017-11-30_00262017-11-30_0027Loved the time I spent with you guys!

xo, Rachel

Lily & Zachary!



I am tryingggggg to keep up with the blog and it is most definitely an uphill battle over here.   Today I am going to show you two of the best little kids in all the land. Lily and Zachary are the cutest and it is so sweet to watch them together.  I love our shoots together because these two babies are nothing but pure sunshine to me.

2017-11-29_00122017-11-29_00132017-11-29_00142017-11-29_00152017-11-29_00162017-11-29_00172017-11-29_00182017-11-29_00192017-11-29_00202017-11-29_00212017-11-29_00222017-11-29_00232017-11-29_00242017-11-29_00252017-11-29_00262017-11-29_00272017-11-29_00282017-11-29_00292017-11-29_00302017-11-29_0031Love to see you guys!

xo, Rachel

Baby Henry!


Do you have any idea what an exercise in will today is for me? ALLLL I want to do is buy all the half priced things on the internet today.  All of them.  But I can’t. I have to edit the pictures. All of the pictures and knowing that I am a mere mouse click and new tab away from finding all of the half priced things is TORTUREEEEEEEEEEEE.

But baby Henry has helped in alleviating some of the stress of my editing self pity party for one.  Oh this boy…he is the perfect little offspring of my Sarah and Jason (my most favorite wedding ever). They themselves are perfect so it’s no wonder this little apple didn’t fall far from that tree.   He was such a little gentleman for his shoot. I could not be happier for Sarah and Jason and could not have been more excited to be able to see them again and meet their little guy.

2017-11-27_00022017-11-27_00032017-11-27_00042017-11-27_00052017-11-27_00062017-11-27_00072017-11-27_00082017-11-27_00092017-11-27_00102017-11-27_00112017-11-27_00122017-11-27_00132017-11-27_00142017-11-27_00152017-11-27_00162017-11-27_00172017-11-27_00182017-11-27_00192017-11-27_00202017-11-27_00212017-11-27_00222017-11-27_0023Congratulations you guys! You did good!

xo, Rachel

Teddy Baby!


Blog #3 today. I am in no way kidding around right now.

I feel like it’s been a little bit since I have blogged a newborn. I have a couple that I just couldn’t get to and will blog when I get through all of the madness over here but since I am on a blogging roll right now I am going to show you Teddy. Teddy might just be the biggest newborn in the world and he is OUT OF CONTROL cute. This boy smiled at me. On purpose. A number of times. I kid you not. He was a week old and the baby was just cracking himself up through our whole shoot. I have honestly never seen anything like it in my whole career as a baby photographer.  I’m OBSESSED with him.  I am also obsessed with his big sister Lily who was the sweetest little girl ever.  Usually girls her age give me a total run for my money but Lily was just dipped in sweet. Such a great family…I was lucky enough to shoot Krista’s brothers wedding a few years back and it was great to see her again.

2017-11-21_01092017-11-21_01102017-11-21_01112017-11-21_01122017-11-21_01132017-11-21_01142017-11-21_01152017-11-21_01162017-11-21_01172017-11-21_01182017-11-21_01192017-11-21_01202017-11-21_01212017-11-21_01222017-11-21_01232017-11-21_01242017-11-21_01252017-11-21_01262017-11-21_01272017-11-21_01282017-11-21_01292017-11-21_01302017-11-21_01312017-11-21_01322017-11-21_01332017-11-21_01342017-11-21_01352017-11-21_0136Seriously not possible for you guys to make cuter kids. So happy I saw you!

xo, Rachel

Isla! (and my favorite girl Kathleen..I mean that…I really do…)


I’m just going to sit here until my eyes bleed and blog and edit until I have to be surgically removed from my computer chair. I love this time of year.


Gahhhh!! Mentally prepare for the cute overload you are about to receive (side note, I am 40. Do you think there will come a time when I don’t type “recieve” first and then have to auto correct it to make the e go before the i? Like, EVER?? There is not a single time I type that word that I do it correctly the first time around. Not one.)  Kathleen and Eric got married a couple of years ago and that was when via email I fell hard and fast for my sarcastic, dry sense of humor, somewhat cynical and all around right up my alley girl Kathleen.  Kathleen LOVED being a bide (and I say that with all of the dripping sarcasm that lace Kathleen’s emails). She actually was a pretty awesome bride (one of my favorites, in fact) but she definitely wasn’t typical.   These two had a perfect Isla girl and I got to see them when they visited from New York not that long ago. Kathleen LOVES that baby girl. I am saying this with zero sarcasm at all.  This little girl has 1000 expressions and is absolutely delicious.  No baby has better expressions than her. No way.

I LOVE being able to see Kathleen and Eric and her mom and dad. They are just awesome people and I am so thankful that I got to spend time with them and meet that little love.

2017-11-21_00892017-11-21_00882017-11-21_00872017-11-21_00862017-11-21_00902017-11-21_00912017-11-21_00922017-11-21_00932017-11-21_00942017-11-21_00952017-11-21_00962017-11-21_00972017-11-21_00982017-11-21_00992017-11-21_01002017-11-21_01012017-11-21_01022017-11-21_01042017-11-21_01052017-11-21_01062017-11-21_01072017-11-21_0108Love you guys. I mean that. I really, really do.

xo, Rachel