Samantha & Nick: Seaport Hotel Wedding


Hello there!

Cruising right along over here! Today I am going to show you my Samantha & Nick who got married in October. Their wedding was intimate, sweet and just the perfect realization of Samantha’s vision.  They were surrounded by the people who mean the absolute most to them and everything was just beautiful. From Samantha’s custom made dress (swoon), to her makeup done by my favorite girl Tara, to the weather and the very people who surrounded them.  There was so much love and laughter that lifted these two up that day. It really was such a special day for everyone who was lucky enough to be there.

Samantha is absolutely timeless. There is NO ONE on the planet who has skin like hers. FLAWLESS. She is a porcelain doll and her look was so beautifully classic. It was just so her and she nailed every little detail. She truly was stunning.

2017-11-21_00012017-11-21_00022017-11-21_00032017-11-21_00042017-11-21_00052017-11-21_00062017-11-21_00072017-11-21_00082017-11-21_00092017-11-21_00102017-11-21_00112017-11-21_00122017-11-21_00132017-11-21_00142017-11-21_00152017-11-21_00162017-11-21_00172017-11-21_00182017-11-21_00192017-11-21_00202017-11-21_00212017-11-21_00222017-11-21_00232017-11-21_00242017-11-21_00252017-11-21_00262017-11-21_00272017-11-21_00282017-11-21_00292017-11-21_00302017-11-21_00312017-11-21_00322017-11-21_00392017-11-21_00332017-11-21_00342017-11-21_00352017-11-21_00362017-11-21_00372017-11-21_00382017-11-21_00402017-11-21_00412017-11-21_00422017-11-21_00432017-11-21_00442017-11-21_00452017-11-21_00462017-11-21_00472017-11-21_00482017-11-21_00492017-11-21_00502017-11-21_00512017-11-21_00522017-11-21_00532017-11-21_00542017-11-21_00552017-11-21_00562017-11-21_00572017-11-21_00582017-11-21_00592017-11-21_00602017-11-21_00612017-11-21_00622017-11-21_00632017-11-21_00642017-11-21_00652017-11-21_00662017-11-21_00672017-11-21_00682017-11-21_00692017-11-21_00702017-11-21_00712017-11-21_00722017-11-21_00732017-11-21_00742017-11-21_00752017-11-21_00762017-11-21_00772017-11-21_00782017-11-21_00792017-11-21_00802017-11-21_00812017-11-21_00822017-11-21_00832017-11-21_00842017-11-21_0085Congratulations you guys! Wish you all the happiness in the world!

xo, Rachel

Taylor & Simone: Lake Pearl Wedding



Current situation: Sitting in front of my computer, wearing same giant sweatshirt for 3rd day in a row and trying not to feel sorry for myself about how much editing I still have to do.  Also, while I am making a conscious effort not to be a spoiled brat complaining about how much work I have (when in reality I am VERY grateful that I have work to do) I am swooning over my sweet, sweet Taylor and Simone’s wedding photos.

I am not sure that there is a sweeter girl in the world. Truly. Taylor is made of something else.  She is so kind and so loving and I know that this is a direct reflection of the beautiful family that she grew up in. This is my second wedding for this amazing family (love you Elise and Cavan) and once again, I was moved by the amount of love that they shower upon each other. I love when I am with families like my own, families that you can just see do not take a second with each other for granted.  It makes it feel like home for me and that is my favorite love to capture.  Taylor and Simone have this way about them.  They are so quietly respectful together.  You can see, just from watching them for a short period of time just how much they love each other and how lucky they both are to have found one another. They really are a match.  It’s like they are the only two people in the world when they are near each other.

2017-11-16_00012017-11-16_00022017-11-16_00032017-11-16_00042017-11-16_00052017-11-16_00062017-11-16_00072017-11-16_00082017-11-16_00092017-11-16_00102017-11-16_00112017-11-16_00122017-11-16_00132017-11-16_00142017-11-16_00152017-11-16_00162017-11-16_00172017-11-16_00182017-11-16_00192017-11-16_00202017-11-16_00212017-11-16_00222017-11-16_00232017-11-16_00242017-11-16_00252017-11-16_00262017-11-16_00272017-11-16_00282017-11-16_00292017-11-16_00302017-11-16_00312017-11-16_00322017-11-16_00332017-11-16_00342017-11-16_00352017-11-16_00362017-11-16_00372017-11-16_00382017-11-16_00392017-11-16_00402017-11-16_00412017-11-16_00422017-11-16_00432017-11-16_00442017-11-16_00452017-11-16_00462017-11-16_00472017-11-16_00482017-11-16_00492017-11-16_00502017-11-16_00512017-11-16_00522017-11-16_00532017-11-16_00542017-11-16_00552017-11-16_00562017-11-16_00572017-11-16_00582017-11-16_00592017-11-16_00602017-11-16_00612017-11-16_00622017-11-16_00632017-11-16_00642017-11-16_00652017-11-16_00662017-11-16_00672017-11-16_00682017-11-16_00692017-11-16_00702017-11-16_00712017-11-16_00722017-11-16_00732017-11-16_00742017-11-16_00752017-11-16_00762017-11-16_00822017-11-16_00772017-11-16_00782017-11-16_00792017-11-16_00802017-11-16_00812017-11-16_00832017-11-16_00842017-11-16_00852017-11-16_00862017-11-16_00872017-11-16_00882017-11-16_00892017-11-16_00902017-11-16_00912017-11-16_00922017-11-16_00932017-11-16_00942017-11-16_00952017-11-16_00962017-11-16_00972017-11-16_00982017-11-16_00992017-11-16_01002017-11-16_01012017-11-16_01022017-11-16_01032017-11-16_01042017-11-16_01052017-11-16_0106Thank you, thank you for inviting me to be a part of this day. You guys are pretty amazing.

xo, Rachel

When friends become family…


I love a rainy Monday.  I love knowing I have nothing to do except put on a giant sweatshirt, wrap myself in a blanket and sit, undisturbed, in front of my computer and edit the day away. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there is a big part of me that wishes I could be sitting on my couch, wrapped in a blanket, peeling my two week old gel nail polish off while watching Netflix but since my life consists of editing and shooting exclusively these days that isn’t an option.  To be honest, if I think about it, I actually think that being able to edit what I did today outweighed my desire to sit and peel off the gel.  Today I get to show you some loves of my life.  There is a moment, or a series of moments that happen in life when people who are your friends cross over into becoming family. I’m not sure when that happened with Linda and Eddie, but it over the past 14 years we have become family.  We have been through so much, so many good times. Babies, engagements, weddings, vacations, and COUNTLESS nights together in front of a fire laughing, so much laughing.  We’ve also seen our share of not so awesome times, but through it all, the bond that we all share (LEEJER) has proven to be unbreakable. Life is hard, but when you have people on your side through even the toughest of times, it is manageable, and really, really, beautiful.

Linda and Eddie made three of the best people in the world who I love like my own. Taegan, Eamon and Caleb are three little lights of our lives and we are beyond blessed that they belong to us.


Love you guys so much more than you know. Can’t imagine life without you.

xo, Rachel

Brittney & Brian : Atlantica Wedding



Things I am currently thankful for:

1) The ridiculously comfortable and cozy oversized sweatshirt that is housing me right now that I found at Target and that I urge everyone of you ladies to go out and get.  It’s like wearing a hug and it is wonderful and it has changed my life for the better.

2) My lovely and PATIENT couple, Brittney & Brian who have so kindly refrained from harassing me about the location of their wedding photos  when in reality it would have been completely justified.  October, man. Every year it takes me by surprise how insane it is. Lucky for me, Brittney happens to be full blown awesome and has sat patiently wherever it is she sits day by day and chosen not to send a SWAT team to my house demanding my hard drive. She’s lovely.

Brittney and Brian got married at the end of September and it was just a beautiful day. One of those weddings that just flows effortlessly and that had the light Gods shelling out small miracles left and right just to make things even more magical than they already were.




2017-11-10_00032017-11-10_00042017-11-10_00052017-11-10_00062017-11-10_00072017-11-10_00082017-11-10_00092017-11-10_00102017-11-10_00012017-11-10_00112017-11-10_00122017-11-10_00132017-11-10_00142017-11-10_00152017-11-10_00162017-11-10_00182017-11-10_00192017-11-10_00202017-11-10_00212017-11-10_00222017-11-10_00232017-11-10_00242017-11-10_00252017-11-10_00262017-11-10_00272017-11-10_00282017-11-10_00292017-11-10_00302017-11-10_00312017-11-10_00322017-11-10_00332017-11-10_00342017-11-10_00352017-11-10_00362017-11-10_00372017-11-10_00462017-11-10_00472017-11-10_00492017-11-10_00382017-11-10_00392017-11-10_00482017-11-10_00502017-11-10_00512017-11-10_00522017-11-10_00402017-11-10_00412017-11-10_00532017-11-10_00542017-11-10_00552017-11-10_00562017-11-10_00612017-11-10_00572017-11-10_00582017-11-10_00592017-11-10_00422017-11-10_00432017-11-10_00602017-11-10_00622017-11-10_00632017-11-10_00642017-11-10_00442017-11-10_00452017-11-10_00652017-11-10_00662017-11-10_00672017-11-10_00682017-11-10_00692017-11-10_00702017-11-10_00712017-11-10_00722017-11-10_00732017-11-10_00742017-11-10_00752017-11-10_00762017-11-10_00772017-11-10_00782017-11-10_00792017-11-10_00802017-11-10_00812017-11-10_00822017-11-10_00832017-11-10_00842017-11-10_00852017-11-10_00862017-11-10_00872017-11-10_00882017-11-10_00892017-11-10_00902017-11-10_00912017-11-10_00922017-11-10_00932017-11-10_00972017-11-10_00942017-11-10_00952017-11-10_0096Congratulations you guys! I absolutely loved every second of working with you and I wish you all the hppiness in the world.

xo, Rachel

Madelyn & Brayden



Gah…my blogging game is basically non existent as it typically is in late October. I am trying to get everything up and out to all of my patient people and blogging always takes a back seat. This is one of my favorite families and I thought I would take the time to put their pics up this morning in between editing 20 different sessions, activating 100 million galleries and getting ready for meetings and shoots later on this afternoon.

LOVE my Brayden and Madelyn.  I have been so lucky to have these people in my life for the last few years and when I see them it is always mind blowing to me that a year has passed since I saw them last.  The families that I get to see every year mean the absolute world to me. Truly.

We started off in the woods where there was a brief and very real moment that I thought we all might be sustaining off of the stale gum in my shoot sac and whatever goldfish crackers my girl Megan had at the bottom of her bag, but even though I may have doubted her for a hot second Meg got us out of the woods alive and well just like she promised me she would.

These two are adorable. Brayden is always taking care of his little sister.

2017-11-03_00012017-11-03_0002Love that chick.2017-11-03_00032017-11-03_00042017-11-03_00062017-11-03_00072017-11-03_00082017-11-03_0009That little one fell asleep just like that on our trip out of the wild. So stinking cute.2017-11-03_0010Then she woke up as good as new.2017-11-03_00112017-11-03_00122017-11-03_00132017-11-03_00142017-11-03_00152017-11-03_00162017-11-03_00172017-11-03_00182017-11-03_00192017-11-03_00202017-11-03_00212017-11-03_00222017-11-03_00232017-11-03_00242017-11-03_00252017-11-03_00292017-11-03_00262017-11-03_00272017-11-03_00282017-11-03_00302017-11-03_00312017-11-03_00322017-11-03_00332017-11-03_00342017-11-03_0035You guys make my heart happy.

xo, Rachel